Thomas B. Wood, OD

Mary J. Mantini, OD

Clear Vision Begins with Healthy Eyes.



Did you know that 1\4 of the worlds population is myopic? Myopia is simply a condition in which the eye focuses an object in front of the retina creating a blurred effect. 

Consider the eye like a camera. If an object is, let's say, 10 feet away, and the camera is focused for one foot, the image will reach a focusing point in front of the film. The picture will turn out blurry, out of focus, just as it does in the nearsighted eye. Myopia tends to progress until the early to middle twenties, by then the eye usually becomes stable. Increases over time in the glasses prescription would be in small steps; however, there are exceptions! These exceptions can be due to cataracts, diabetes or something caused by pathological myopia. These conditions would cause the prescription changes and fluctuations in vision to be larger. Higher amounts of myopia tend to be  hereditary. If there is a moderate or highly nearsighted parent, the odds for one of the children to be myopic are higher.