Thomas B. Wood, OD

 Mary J. Mantini, OD

Clear Vision Begins with Healthy Eyes.

Anatomy of the Eye
The retina is the part of the eye that receives light and interprets shape and form, then sends the signal to the brain.  

Vitreous Humor is the jelly like fluid that fills the eye. 

The lens of your eye works much like the lens of a camera or magnifying glass. It focuses light onto the retina. 



The cornea is the thin clear layer on the outer most part of the eye that provides protection from outside forces.

The pupil is the small opening in the eye that light passes through to eventually reach the retina.

The iris (color portion of the eye) works just like that of a camera aperture expanding and constricting to allow more or less light to reach the retina.

The anterior chamber is the area between the iris and the cornea filled with a clear aqueous fluid.